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stainofmylove [userpic]
fic: I Know Where The Summer Goes (NC17)
I Know Where The Summer Goes
Author: stainofmylove
Rating: NC17
Word Count: ~1095
Pairing/Characters: Boone/Shannon
Summary: Pre-series, Shannon can't quite let go.
Warnings: psuedo-incest
A/N: FIVE ACTS MEME! For wandersfound, accidental stimulation!

No, it’s more about clinging to old things for one last time. The complete lack of responsibility. The maid service. Boone.

stainofmylove [userpic]
fic: Your Cover's Blown (R)
Your Cover's Blown
Author: stainofmylove
Rating: R
Word Count: ~650
Pairing/Characters: Boone/Shannon
Summary: So maybe it's time to stop running.
Warnings: pseudo-incest

[[ It’s always a waiting game. ]]

missy_useless [userpic]

Title: They're Only Playing
Pairing: Shannon/Boone
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 514
Disclaimer: Lost doesn't belong to me.

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45 multi-fandom icons
{The Vampire Diaries}
{Rose Byrne}
{Nina Dobrev}

{One Tree Hill}
{Kristen Stewart}
{10 Things I Hate About You}
{Eva Green}


Here at concretehoney

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bonne and shannon icons

icons HERE

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Shannon icons

icons HERE*

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Boone Icons {Part 1 & 2}

Lots of Boone icons :D Shannon ones to come shortly and also Boone/Shannon ones, I love Boone + Shannon <3

Icons Part 1 HERE*

Icons Part 2 HERE*

Creature Of Hobbit [userpic]
Nothing Changes
Title: Nothing Changes
Author: tellshannon815
Characters: Boone, Shannon.
Pairing: Boone/Shannon
Rating: PG
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Summary: Written for lost_in_108 prompt #24: changes. Boone reflects on how things will have to change between him and Shannon when they get home - but once they crash, he realises nothing's changed at all.

She just didn't have a clue

duckysrus [userpic]
Castaway: LOST RPG.

Welcome to Flight 815. You're doomed on an island. Great! ...what do you do?

They never expected it to happen to them. A plane crash. All of a sudden their lives were turned upside down and they found themselves stuck with a group of strangers who, like it or not, could very well be the key to their survival. The survivors were varied and came from all aspects of life. Among them was Jack Shepherd – a doctor who was heading home from Australia after collecting his dead father’s body. Kate Austen: a fugitive running from the law, Charlie Pace: a one-hit wonder rock star, Sayid Jarrah: a former Iraqi torturer and a con man, James Ford, also made up some of the survivors.

Two months in and things have changed. They’ve built shelters; they’ve gotten “comfortable”. Because though you’ll be hard pressed to get many of them to admit it, they’re starting to give up on rescue. Besides, the island isn’t too bad. There’s food, water, shelter, and the climate rivals that of any tropical resort.

Cue “The Others”. They live on the island, and have for longer than anyone knows – or at least cares to admit. They have no intention of letting the survivors have an easy time of it. Having already infiltrated the camps on more than one occasion, they have files and they’re not afraid to use the information they’ve gathered to their advantage. What they’re out to get, the survivors don’t know but they’re definitely going to continue to clash because neither side is willing to give up. Giving up on this island means death.

You FRICKIN RUN! From the smoke monster. You're a...

AU LOST, based around Season 2 during Two For The Road. Plenty of characters available, inquire within.

2 New LOST RPGs Need All Characters!

All roles needed!

Both games take place after the detonation of Jughead, which split
the show into alternate realities.

However, these games will not be following the alternate realities
put into place by the show. Instead...

GAME 1 - "WE ONCE WERE LOST" - sends the characters back in time to
the day of the crash where they will relive their fate all over
again... only this time, they retained the memory of all that came
before. They remember everything that happened on the island the
first time, and will use those memories to correct the mistakes they
made this time around and learn to live a full, productive life on
the island!

GAME 2 - "DHARMA VS. HOSTILES" - sends the characters back in time to
1991, a year before the Purge that wiped out the Dharma Initiative.
In this reality, no one remembers anything that happened on the show.
Every character on Lost is a member of either the Dharma Initiative
or the Hostiles camp. Suspend your disbelief and your canon history -
Anything can happen in this completely off-the-wall alternate
universe RPG.

To join "We Once Were Lost", go to:

To join "Dharma vs. Hostiles", go to:

Once there, take a look in the Database section to familiarize
yourself with available characters and the layout of the game.

You may also contact me directly with any questions!

Happy playing!

~ Abbs :)

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