Pseudo-Incest Lovers

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Oh so wrong, yet oh so addictive. Shannon and Boone. Siblings? Yes. Lovers? Oh yes.

This community is a haven for those of us destined for hell, Shannon/Boone shippers.

All things Shannon/Boone are welcome, essays, icons, fic (please please lots of fic), fanart, etc. There will be weekly fic challenges, and who knows what exciting things will be going on in the future!

Come, embrace the part of you that secretely roots for this bizarre incestuous pairing, join us today!

Your friendly mod is maybedarkpink. The layout was made based on ignited's wonderful Opal tutorial. The banner and default icon were made by maybedarkpink. The great Shannon/Boone mood theme we're using was made by callistolexx.

Please put all spoilers behind lj-cuts, and be courteous and respectful whether or not you agree with someone.